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Fresh beginnings

The MR BLACK story begins in Melbourne in 2011, when a young denim enthusiast called Ash Black realised that while sales staff in the boutiques he loved were forever warning him not to put his premium jeans in the washing machine, they were unable to recommend a credible alternative.

Convinced other fashion consumers were similarly frustrated, he spent months investigating whether it would be possible to create a product that didn’t rely on harsh enzymes or stain removers yet was still able to give denim-wearers a “clean” pair of jeans.

Working with some of Australia’s leading textile technologists, Ash developed a formulation whose active ingredient was Forestall – a 100% biodegradable compound that, when vapourised, disperses dirt and neutralises odours, and would be perfect for treating denim.

Tried and tested

Having tested his new spray on his own favourite jeans, Ash was confident (and excited) enough to ask family and friends to try it out, too. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and word began to get around Melbourne’s fashion community. MR BLACK Denim Refresh was soon in full-scale production – and on shelves across the city.

Before long, Ash was developing a second specialist product – a spray that would restore the appearance of shoes and sneakers to their box-fresh best without degrading the complex combinations of fabrics and materials these often incorporated. An instant hit with Australia’s trainer aficionados, the launch of MR BLACK Shoe Cleaner took the young brand to an entirely new level.

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On a mission

As MR BLACK’s reputation began to grow, so did Ash’s mission. The store owners and fashion fans he met loved MR BLACK Denim Refresh and MR BLACK Shoe Cleaner, but were looking for products that would nourish and protect their other favourite fabrics while sparing them the ravages of the washing machine or dry cleaner.

Working day and night, Ash set out to develop a full range of products for everyone who loves their clothes. Two new MR BLACK Refresh sprays were created – for wool and cashmere, cotton and linen, hi-tech sportswear. A special spray was developed for delicates such as silk and satin – using specialist application technologies from the fragrance industry to protect the finest of fibres.

And alongside the full Refresh range came a complementary suite of MR BLACK Cleanse products – designed to clean, preserve and protect precious pieces, whether washed by machine or by hand.

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Now available from the world’s finest retailers and boutiques – or via the MR BLACK online store – the MR BLACK care and maintenance system is for everyone who loves their clothes.

“Refresh, Protect and Cleanse with MR BLACK”