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Ellery x Mr Black Delicate Care pack

E L L E R Y Garment Care by Mr. Black features two products, a nourishing wash and cleansing refresh spray, designed to prolong the life of your favourite pieces.
  • Size: 1ml
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Availability: Out of stock




Created for those delicate pieces that require extra gentle care, the collaboration offers a natural and enzyme free solution with a subtle aroma of musk and cedar wood. Perfect for the fashion conscious, the unique wash formula penetrates deep into fabric weaves to prevent stains from setting, while the refresh spray is the perfect prescription in-between wears.

Mr. Black provides a remedy for caring for difficult fabrics, such as silks, crepe and intricate lace, as well as those embellished with sequins and flair. Designed to be the ultimate companion for E L L E R Y, who favours contrasting textures to create unique silhouettes.

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