November 7, 2016

Top Tips to Treat Your Delicates

Most people assume that you have to dry-clean your silk items, but hand-washing ensures your garments stay in good shape. Treat your silks with care and improve the longevity of the luxurious fabric with our Delicate Wash & Refresh. So, here’s our step-by-step guide on how best to care for your delicates:



1. Say goodbye to dry-cleaning

Dry-cleaning is often advised and used for delicate items, but what people don’t realize that the harsh chemicals cause damage to the intricate fabrics. Whether it’s your favorite silk blouse or your delicate lingerie, you may have noticed A LOT of your clothes will have labels that tell you “dry clean only”. Well, we’re here to tell you to ignore the labels and to avoid dry-cleaning.

2.  Hand-wash

So, if you’re not supposed to dry-clean, what’s the solution? Hand-washing sounds tedious and unnecessary but it’s actually really easy. Simply combine your similar colored delicates in a sink of cool or warm water, and soak for no longer than 30 minutes (not forgetting to add Mr Black’s Delicate Wash). Once soaked, lay the clothes flat or hang to air-dry. Only machine wash as a last resort- choose the delicate washing cycle and make sure to put the item into a mesh bag to avoid any rips and tears!

3. Mr Black Delicate Wash

Mr Black Delicate Wash is a naturally formulated solution designed specifically to care for intricate garments such as lingerie and other delicate dry-clean only items. Gentle enough to protect the fragile nature of delicate garments, whilst also removing bacteria, grime and odours, this formula ensures that clothing is left clean and smelling fresh after every wash. Mr Black’s Delicate Wash delivers 20 uses per bottle, featuring the scent of powder, musk and cedarwood.

4. Refresh!
We like our delicates to smell dreamy, but you’re only meant to wash silks once every six wears. This may not sound appealing but with the help of Mr Black’s Delicate Refresh, a naturally formulated spray created specifically to care for delicates, neutralizing odours and eliminating bacteria. Ideal for items labeled “dry clean”, spray to freshen lingerie, hosiery, dresses, and scarves between washes.

5. Storage
You should always roll delicates when storing them, avoiding folding, creasing and stretching the fabric. Make sure you store your delicates away from direct light and keep them in a space where the fabric can breathe.

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By 'Mr. Black'

November 7, 2016

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